Recreational Programs

Recreational gymnastics is an activity that is social, fun, and great exercise! Skills are taught, practiced and mastered at a recreational level. From balancing on the beam, swinging on the bars, vaulting over obstacles or practicing motor-skills, our athletes develop spatial awareness that provides a solid foundation for all sports. All classes are co-ed and all events are available for skill development.

Our program supports the theme of FUN, FITNESS, and FUNDAMENTALS. The goal in our program is for children to gain self-confidence with improved physical ability and to provide them with the best foundation for sport and play!

The recreational classes provide an excellent basis for development into the competitive stream, or a great way to stay physically active.

We pursue the development of strength, flexibility, mobility, and agility.

The Lizards, Dragons, and TRex programs are the different ages or skill levels of the same program. These groups involve fast movements over and through obstacles by running, jumping, rolling, climbing, swinging, flipping, and vaulting.  With the use of bars, beam, floor, vault, rope, and rings we follow an athletic training program with roots in military obstacle coursing.  A big emphasis is on the foundation of safe landings, flexibility, strength training, and conditioning.

The amount of gym time varies for each recreational program. 


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