Who can join?

The Red Lake Mat Cats Team consists of selected athletes aged 7 and up who demonstrate:

  • Athletic potential to achieve the skills required to compete in gymnastics
  • Desire to train the required hours and the willingness to increase their hours if required
  • Positive attitude towards other team members/coaches and positive attitude during competition
  • Excellent work ethic and attendance

About Us

We offer a fun and safe environment for gymnasts to learn, develop and practice their skills. We have a pre-competitive and competitive program. We follow the Junior Olympic Competitive Program (JO Levels 1-5 Compulsory Program).

The competitive program provides athletes an opportunity to get a better understanding of what competitive gymnastics requires while providing structure and routines to learn. Pre-competitive gymnasts compete in regional “fun meets”. Competitive athletes should anticipate attending Meets in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.

Competitive Commitment

Competitive gymnastics requires a much higher level of commitment – in terms of time, money, and expectations. So as much as you may have expectations as a parent or gymnast, there is also a level of expectation from your coaches and team members. Coaches will be expecting dedication and progressions to take place during training.

Gymnastics can be both physically and emotionally taxing, which is part of the reason why it’s not meant for everyone. Drive perseverance, as well as self-discipline are all important traits for a competitive gymnast. It isn’t easy, but hard work is rewarding, and if we keep our mind on the task during practice, we can have successful meets.

Competitive gymnasts train between nine and twelve hours a week. 

Become a Mat Cat